Optimized & solar mounting-ready Solutions

For All Your Complicated Needs

A. Compatibility With All Type Of Structures
B. Foundation Solution Concrete Free.
C. Surrounding Areas Remains Unspoiled.
D. Easy Remove Simple And Easy To Relocate.

Our Innovations

Solar Focused Products!

Metal roof mounting system

There are 2 ways for metal roof mounting system.

A.Drilling  Solutions,like bracket L-feet,Hanger bolt.

B.Standing seam clamp,Direct mounting.

Ground mounting system

U pile ground mounting systems is suitable for  large scale power station installation,pile to the ground makes installation faster and lower cost than others.each components are maximize pre-assembled,save your labor cost and installation time.

Tile roof mounting system(Japan project)

Many types of tiles roof hooks are suitable for tile,flat tile,slate tile,asphalt shingle tile.

Carport mounting system

The Idle area of the parking shed is used to build a photovoltaic parking shed and the combination of photovoltaic power generation.Carport is the simplest place in the combination of photovoltaic  and building.

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