solar panel mounting rails


Black Aluminum Solar Panel Mounting Rails


Shipping Port:Xiamen

Material:Aluminum 6005-T5

Warranty:10 Years

Service Life:25 Years


Wind Load:60m/s

Snow Load:1.4kn/m2

Product Details:

Solar Roof Mounting Rail
The solar mounting rail has 2 sides for installing,top side for solar panel,side for tile hook or feet solar bracket.

solar panels to various surfaces, allowing them to harness sunlight and convert it into clean, renewable energy.

Mounting a rail bracket system on rooftops for solar panels,the rail conventional uses are matching hooks and L feet solar panel mounting system.

Solar panel mounting brackets can be installed on roofs, ground, poles, or other structures, depending on the design and preference of the installer.

Product Name: Solar Aluminum Rail
Material:Aluminum Alloy
Surface Treatment:Anodized
Warranty:10 Years
Service Life:25 Years
Delivery:10 days after deposit

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